Devil’s Tower: Eclipse Trip Day 9

Truthfully I didn’t get as much sleep as I was hoping for but I felt relaxed and rested when I woke up. We went down to the lobby for some complimentary breakfast. The breakfast spread reflected the homely aesthetic and was really delightful in this place. In the breakfast nook area there were these neat decorations and old newspaper articles hanging on the walls. As well as a stairwell leading downstairs, since apparently they have a speakeasy and a live band there on weekends. Too cool. I’ve always wanted to go to a speakeasy too bad we couldn’t stay longer.

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Anyway after leaving there we drove all the way from Wyoming to the South Dakota for the Devil’s Tower National Monument, supposedly the first Natural National Monument of America. It was the park’s anniversary so we were able to get in for free! the Tower is pretty neat, odd and beautiful. It’s this tall naturally made structure in basically the middle of nowhere surrounded by mostly flat land except for a ravine close by. The tower itself is surrounded by a forested area inhabited by wildlife. We walked the shorted path around it to keep to our time schedule.

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While there, there were people climbing up one side of the tower. It kinda makes me want to learn rock climbing. It sounds like a good hobby to have for traveling. We even saw some deer as we took the trail at a brisk pace. After that we hit the road hoping to make it to Wind Cave.

I was getting sleepy so Toru drove as we passed near some of the cute mountain towns near Rushmore. One of those towns were having some kind of festival. I wanted to stop but I don’t think Toru was up for it, we were on a time schedule anyway, hoping to catch the last cave tour of the day. When we got to the park near Custer we were a bit thrown off by the enormity of the park and the directions my phone was giving me, and got a little lost. Once we manage to find our way to the visitors center it was around 5:40pm, closing time for the center. We missed out on the tours but I wanted to see the cave entrance which I thought was going to be something completely different. Anyway, we still had enough time to snap a quick pic of the natural cave entrance before they close the doors on us. Kinda wish I got a better picture of it. I was expecting the entrance to be bigger and, well, more cave like. lol


I was running down the path to be sure. Admittedly, I’m in better shape than Toru so I don’t think Toru appreciated me making him run a bit very much either. Lol.

Once in the car we went on our way north towards Rapid City and had dinner at Everest Cuisine. We both are fond of Indian Food. This place was good but the food came out too hot temperature wise and too spicy. In all honesty I was feeling kinda bloated and was hoping the indian food would help with that but alas, no such luck. :/. I was also kinda full from snacking earlier so I didn’t find the food as satisfying. We planned on driving into the night again and staying at Gerry’s Budget motel once more so after dinner I called ahead. I’m seriously glad I did because I completely forgot about the time difference. We got there just after midnight. They were full up since their vacancy sign was off. Those sweet people left the key out for us, so we pulled in the lot, got our stuff in the room and went to bed.    


Next Week

The journey ends with a drive through Sioux Falls and finally home to Chicago-land once more.

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