New Posts Coming In July!

The hiatus has been broken! Starting in July I will be posting new articles and content across all my sites! You might remember me mention before that I was thinking about having multiple blogs for my interests and that’s exactly what I decided to do. 

I want to apologize however, as I meant to get back to writing much sooner. I took some time away from writing to set up the new sites and everything that goes with it, but I got a bit side tracked with my own personal and emotional issues. With that said, let me go over some of the new developments.


You might have noticed that quite a few, if not all my posts involving mental health, self-improvement, and social issues have seemingly disappeared from the site. That is because I have moved them to a new home. The new site will focus on those topics, as well as success and personal development, while (hopefully sometime in the near future) encouraging and promoting other writers and bloggers with an interest in these subjects.  This new site is called, “The Self Described”, and you can click the image above to visit the site and the links below to follow The Self Described on social media.






AND . . . You may have noticed that there’s a new tab on the site navigation bar above for “Gaming”. I’m kinda nerdy and spend quite a bit of time playing video games or watching other people play video games, so I’ve decided to finally try my hand at video game streaming on Twitch! I’ll be streaming 3 times a week:

Mondays:  7pm – 9pm (US CST / Chicago Time)

Wednesdays:  3pm – 5pm 

Fridays:  8pm – 10pm 

Aside from steaming game play I’ll also be posting articles from time to time about games and geek-pop culture.  I’ll try my best to stick to the schedule listed here.  Oh, just so you know there aren’t any new social media accounts for the gaming blog. Any updates regarding the stream schedule or other blog posts will be posted on the Celi-chan Twitter or Facebook page. The most recent streams can be found in full on my Twitch HERE, and older streams and highlights will be posted on the Celi-chan YouTube channel.


As for this site, the original one and only wonderland blog, it will focus on my creative projects (such as poetry, stories, and art work), my personal thoughts and experiences,  and random eccentric ideas and ramblings. XD.


Overall I should be posting an article atleast once a week on all three blogs. I’m excited to get back in it! Also, thank you to those who have supported me and continue to do so! It means the world to me and I very much appreciate it. I sincerely hope that you all enjoy the content I’ll be putting out for the months to come.

Stay wonderful,


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